January 27 - invite all veterans and blockade on the holiday dinner.

20 January 2015
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January 27 - Day of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad, for our dear vetaranov Second World War and blockade the holiday - the most important.

Traditionally "Ukrop" in the day to thank all the people who have the life line on the palm crossed the Great Patriotic War and treats festive dinner in any of the three cafes.

Friends, as our veterans and blockade with rare exceptions, use the Internet, please tell us about this event to your friends - the more people know about it, the more people we can say "thank you" from all over the city, from the heart!

Attention to someone you know - a priceless gift!

19 December 2014
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A series of Christmas culinary master classes / Cafe "Ukrop"

11 September 2014

On Wednesday, December 25 cafe "Ukrop" hold in Biblioteka (Nevsky 20) Christmas master class in cooking vegetarian dishes for New Year's table!

Your cup in "Ukrop"

09 September 2014
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Friends, we have for you is great news! Starting today, "Ukrop" again you can buy a mug. And by the way, drink from it any tea or coffee with 50% discount. Discount mug holder is given for life.)

Glass of personal worth 500 rubles. The color and style you choose for yourself. Artistic process of painting circles (it should be on your name), you can make yourself or have our bartender.

Number mugs limited. Until we have brought them into "Ukrop" Marat-23, but with the active desire to guests, and brought to Malaya Konyushennaya.)

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