A series of Christmas culinary master classes / Cafe "Ukrop"

Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:00

On Wednesday, December 25 cafe "Ukrop" hold in Biblioteka (Nevsky 20) Christmas master class in cooking vegetarian dishes for New Year's table!

- Delicate pear strudel with vanilla in filo dough;
- And lentil meatballs with paprika and walnuts.
The workshop leader - Chef Cafe "Ukrop" Natalia Hurynovich brought recipes of these dishes from travels in Europe! As an appetizer to all who came - a bit of history of culinary Euroround;)
We start: at 19:00.
Meeting place: Biblioteka (Nevsky 20)
Recording on a master class on tel .: 946-30-36.
Participation fee: 500 rubles.